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     Changzhou Synergy Technology Co., Ltd was founded in 2012, and acquired RF production line from Leoni Special Cable. 

Synergy Technology inherits Flexline RF cable¡¯s manufacturing and design technology developed in German dozens of years ago,

and continuously supporting 2G, 3G, 4G wireless telecommunication systems and winning excellent reputation in the industry. 

     In the past two decades, Flexline RF coaxial cables have been widely used in many mobile infrastructure networks in Europe, 

Asia, and North America. Base on the leading manufacturing process and test equipment, Synergy innovates technology in cable

manufacturing process to ensure RF coaxial cable¡¯s better flexibility, better attenuation and shielding performance. 

     Synergy Technology builds up cable assembly and cable module harness team in 2014. Synergy is focused on health care and

 industry cable harness application supply chain management.  

     Heath care Application:
    (1)Diagnostic imaging system: X-ray equipment, computed tomography(CT) equipment , magnetic resonance imaging(MR)

equipment and MI equipment, Positron emission tomography(PET) equipment.
    (2)Clinic diagnostic equipment: Test equipment for CLIA, ELISA, microbiology products

     Industry Application:
Industry testing equipment for Eddy check, X-ray equipment, current check

     Synergy Technology invests and cooperates with Simply Scientific team in 2015.  Simply Scientific focuses on health care ASIC application and related electronic device supply chain management. 

      Heath care Application:
Diagnostic imaging system: X-ray equipment, computed tomography(CT) equipment ,Positron emission tomography(PET) equipment.

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